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Personal Coaching – relationships, work, health, wealth & learning.

What if you had more choices?

Personal effectiveness is often the key to success. It can help to motivate people and those around you and can have a profound influence on managing the balance between private and personal life.

The Advantages of Having a Personal Coach

Everyone has the potential to be outstanding. Personal coaching gives you the opportunity to achieve this.

A personal coach can provide insights that often elude the person who wants to develop themselves for the future.

Concentrating on your individual needs, personal coaching enables you to examine your patterns of behavior and provides guidance on how to challenge limiting beliefs, build confidence, develop new ways of thinking, gain more effective life strategies and maximize your potential; empowering you to achieve what you want…

Do you want to?

  • Enhance personal and professional relationships?
  • Communicate more effectively?
  • Understand others more easily?
  • Access more of your inner resources?
  • Compliment what you do already?
  • Be more confident?
  • Set goals and achieve outcomes?
  • Have more choices?

What if you could…

  • enhance personal and professional relationships, what would that do for you?
  • communicate effectively with everyone you meet, what would that do for you?
  • understand others more easily, what would that do for you?
  • have all the resources you needed, what would that do for you?
  • compliment what you do already, what would that do for you?
  • have more confidence, what would that do for you?
  • set goals and achieve outcomes, what would that do for you?

Personal Coaching is effective for all areas of life:

  • Changing the nature of relationships.
  • Creating balance between professional and personal life.
  • Planning and managing your career.
  • Developing effective communication skills.
  • Developing existing and new work skills.
  • Realizing your goals.
  • Planning for the future of your dreams.
  • Maximizing your life choices.
  • Improving health and well being.
  • Finding the learning style that works for you.
  • Building a better relationship with money.
  • Changing a crisis to a challenging situation and meeting the challenge.
  • Gaining freedom from the past.
  • Maximizing your potential.

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The Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT and Choices

The Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple, quick and extremely efficient method of removing the emotional charge associated with memories, events beliefs and vows that hold us back in life. EFT removes the negative energy that empowers our limitations.

Choices is a form of affirmation that uses the power of EFT to introduce positive energy in a way that gives a boost to produce immediate results in your life.

EFT and Choices are an excellent combination that clears out the blockages to creating our dream and then fuels the engine that we use to create the future we desire.

EFT can help you:

  • Ease chronic pain
  • Release phobias
  • Reduce or eliminate anxieties
  • Reduce the effects and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Reduce emotional trauma
  • Free you from past memories
  • Improve performance in any area

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EFT and Weight Loss

EFT is a valuable tool for those who are in the process of losing weight and increasing their level of fitness. Many people who attempt to lose weight fail to achieve their goals. There can be a number of reasons for this failure and there is often a level of frustration, guilt and helplessness generated by repeated attempts that achieve little or no positive results.

To achieve long lasting positive results a persona needs to have a dietary plan that is effective and can be installed as a life long habit, as well as a life long fitness regimen that will compliment the dietary change. Another important component is emotional. Often when emotional responses come up, some of us sabotage ourselves, some become anxious and some are so comfortable with the way things are, that change is an insurmountable barrier. Issues of self worth, self esteem and believing that we deserve good results are other potential saboteurs.

Losing weight brings us face to face with the reasons we gained the weight to begin with. The reasons might be for protection, comfort or habit. Protection from unwanted attention, comfort in the manner of avoiding painful memories or feelings, or habits from childhood can provoke the experiences to recur and that is where EFT can help. there are no harmful side effects of EFT and the worst that can happen is the lack of results. There is no need to go into and relive the worst experiences, just to go as close as possible and to bring down the intensity of the reactions gently. Although EFT is relatively new, the theory is quite established and the results speak for themselves.

EFT can be taught in one session and can be used by participants on a daily basis to support themselves in getting to their goals. EFT is being used around the world to breakthrough phobias, break habits, and eliminate old emotional scars, as well as to facilitate positive behaviors in all areas of life. It is very useful to have a coach or guide to discover all the facets of the issue or issues that you may be working on.

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EFT and Weight Loss

One of the most common diseases of the 21st century, is back pain. 95% of patients who come to our clinic, come with back problems ranging from pain in the neck, shoulders, lower back pain to disc herniation.

Is psychological factors increase the risk of back pain? Definitely yes! Literature review, I find that there is a direct correlation between emotional factors and back pain, also found that a higher efficacy in cases where the combined treatment of physical and emotional processes alike.

From back herniated disc, there is a wide range of types of pain, but the common denominator is the feeling of discomfort and limit daily activities and a significant decrease in quality of life. Stress and pain evoke a sense of signaling distress and danger to the body, the body settles and organizing and trying to balance himself back. Area painful feeling and acting like after trauma and muscles around will find it difficult and shrink, as are designed to protect the body from further damage. Sometimes, time will take care of your body and slowly come back posture, but in some cases the pain will get worse and with him, the body will continue to harden and shrink.

In the case of back pain, or pain in general, first o all you can use inversion tables, which are a great help in the initial phase.  The very touch, allowing the muscle to feel confident and to release his grip, in case of body pain signals danger, contact the therapist signaling peace. And with time, touch relaxes muscles around the affected place that allows a spacious place to start cured.

Breakthrough Bodywork

Breakthrough Bodywork is a combination of muscle, ligament, lymphatic and joint manipulation as well as the removal of emotional energy that may have originated from childhood or any traumatic events in the client’s past. The energy that vibrates at the level of anger, grief or fear can resonate to the same frequencies in others and attract the same energy. When we are free from that weight we attract positive energy and are able to make more effective choices.

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